17 November 2018

My dear wonderful son. It’s your birthday. You are 3!!!!!!! Such a big boy. You are the joy in my life. I love you so very much. You were all excited that your birthday was coming up. At first you kept saying that it’ll be mama’s birthday. Not until I tied up balloons on the wall put up your birthday banner did you realized that it was actually your birthday and you thank me so many times for the cars banner I put up.  You are such a sweet boy. Your birthday was on a Saturday. Mama had the balloons and banner up on Thursday night. We had such a hassle taking you to mummy’s house that Friday morning. You didn’t want to leave. You wanted your birthday NOW!!!

On the day of your birthday all the family came with presents. You were so happy jumping and hugging everyone. Mama made your favorite mac and cheese but you didn’t eat much as you were too excited with all the presents you got, all stacked up almost as tall as you. We had cake and sang happy birthday 3 times at your request. You love blowing out the candles.

We had a wonderful day with all the people we love. There was so much hug and kisses all around. You are so blessed my son. Before you fell asleep that night your asked me “Mama can I have my birthday 7 days?” you wanted to celebrate your birthday for 7 whole days LOL

I guess when you’re older you’ll be able to look through photos and videos of how excited and happy you were on the day. Stay happy sayang. Mama always pray that Allah protects you. Be great my son and always know that Mama loves you and will do anything for you.


Little A at 3:

  • Able to read/recognize familiar word. Actually, you could read pretty early without much teaching from me. I took out some flash cards and you already knew what was written on them (without pictures) so I packed up the flash card back in the box
  • You use phrases like “last not least” (Last but not least) it was too cute. Mama looked at baba and laughed the first time you said it.
  • You don’t say big and small but instead use words like “tiny, bigger, medium” to describe size
  • You like to say “Do you member mama?” (do you remember mama?) and talk about the what we did the day before or something we saw earlier in the day.
  • You like to learn. You’d say “Lets do homework mama”. I hope this continues once you actually have homework LOL
  • You loveeeeeee Ninja Go. You are Kai, mama is Nya and baba is Master Wu heheheh
  • You loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Legoland. Every 2nd word that comes out from you is legoland. You want to go all the time. We brought you there at least 4 times this year and you still want to go again. We’ll plan a trip soon ok
  • You are kind and loving
  • You are cheeky and playful
  • You give the best hugs.

I wish you didn’t grow up too fast. My heart swells when I think about you (which is almost all the time) I miss you when we are apart. I wish I have more time with you everyday. Please forgive mama for not being around more. If I had my wish, I would be the one who takes care of you every second of the day. Know that you are loved, you were always wanted and yearned for even before you came.

Happy 3rd birthday my son. Mama loves you forever. Be great my son.