My little A is 2 years and 7ish months (less than 5 months till he’s 3 glup). He is so much a mini-me and at the same time he’s so much like his dad too. We have the same sense of humour, we can just look at each other and laugh uncontrollably (DH will look at us like we’re mad LOL). It’s an adventure having a boy, he’s very out and about; always running and has very little sense of danger. We have to chase him quite a bit which makes a good workout (roll eye). We now spend our weekends playing football at the park, feeding the fishes at the pond or venture into the indoor play area. Little A loves the ball pit and slides and jumping on the trampoline. We’ve been to a few indoor play area that I thought I might want to setup another blog just for that!

Little A is getting really smart. He talks a lot. He talks gibberish still at times but most of the times he can express himself in sentences. He loves to sing and dance. I’ve been teaching him to write and draw (he loves drawing smiley faces on the fogged mirror after his bath). He is very independent so he doesn’t allow me to “teach” him how to hold the pencil ect. He wants to do it his way; so I let him. We are thinking about sending him to play school. We were thinking of sending him in June. Now that June is here and gone we think it’s too soon (roll eye); since he is only 2.5yrs old. So maybe we will start next year instead. We are looking for good, convenient and cost-efficient play school for little A. I’m sure we will have to compromise a little to meet that criteria.

Life has settled down somewhat for us 3. We are going through our everyday routine quite instinctively. I do wish I had more time with little A. There’s only limited hours in a day and for a working mom like me; I don’t have much choice. Things at work is shifting. I don’t know if it is a good thing or not but it’s changing for sure whether I like it or not. I will be traveling more which I have such anxiety about. I’ve never left little A overnight and my first trip away will be more than a couple of days. I’m seriously thinking about taking DH and little A with me. I can work and they can take in the sights. I don’t think I’m prepared to leave him over night just yet. How will I cope? How will little A cope without me? I can’t go 5 minutes in the shower without him pounding at the door LOL.

I think DH and I have closed the chapter on wanting more kids. Little A is such a great kid and we are so lucky. He is so sociable and loves the company of other children that sometimes I feel like we might be depriving him; but then again if it was easy for us to make babies we would have an even dozen by now but it has not been easy. I get a lot of comments like “bile nak dapat adik” (when will little A get a sibling) or “kesian dia sorang tak de teman main” (pity little A all alone with no playmate) and all these comments makes me feel guilty. Guilty for not trying harder, not perusing more treatments to have more kids; siblings for little A; but at the same time deep in my heart I know this is the best decision for my family. I can’t put little A through the roller coaster of infertility treatments. It would not be fair to him. He is too little to understand. Waiting for little A to get older is also not an option – mama is getting older too. So I’ll rest with this and pray for the best.

Praying for the best for you too…