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I wrote this a day before the actual birthday but didn’t quite made it to post.

17 November 2017

You are 2 today – A letter to my son on your 2nd Birthday

Mama’s dearest son, the light of my life, you are Two today! It feels like yesterday and at the same time I almost can’t remember my life without you in it. You are a smart boy who also always knows how to get your way. You are a charmer and it is very hard to say no to you. I wish I am able to spend more time with you like your mommy, but mama have to work. We love our weekends together don’t we? I promise to love you unconditionally, to cherish our time together and to always make time for you. You can always count on me.

If you are reading this and wonder what a 2 year old you was like, let Mama give you a glimpse.

• We love singing in Barney “I love you” song before bed. My favorite part is when you hug both me and your baba when we get to the “great big hug” then we will both kiss you at the same time and let you finish the song on your own and you will sing “won’t you say you love me toooooooo” My heart just melts

• We will sing “If you’re happy and you know it” in the lift in the morning. You get so upbeat and ready to go to your mommy’s school and us off to work

• You can be very polite with your thank yous and peeess. So you always get your way with us and of course papa and mummy

• You knew your numbers from 0-10 by sight by 15 months and your alphabets at 19 months

• You can throw a tantrum like a pro. Lately you have been throwing yourself on the floor if you don’t get what you want. Mama not too happy with that.

• You start to talk a little bit. Most still babbles but sometimes you surprise us with words you use. You like to say “Amazing” and “delicious” when you see something that excites you.

• We would make videos together about colors, shapes and alphabets (look it up ok. Mama have uploaded them in the clouds 😃)

• You love your bear. You take him with us when we go on vacation

• You weigh 14kg. We still carry you at times since you don’t sit still and like to be independent and we worry you would get lost or get into trouble. You don’t have a problem with your car seat or your stroller anymore and help mama put the buckles on.

• Every time we ask you if you want a baby brother or sister you will say ‘NO!’ and jump in between us – so don’t blame us if you are an only child! LOL (Thank God you have your Shisha to always look out for you)

My son, know that mama loves you so much. You are the bright and shiny star that Allah has generously granted me and your dad… the best gift…the most precious. Be good. Be kind. Be awesome my son. Pray for us. Keep Allah close to your heart.

Happy 2nd Birthday little Bear. Mama loves you.