Little A and mama caught the new year bug 😦 Little A was down with high fever of 39.4 C since new year’s day. The high temp got me really worried. We know from experience not to head to the Dr straight away, so this time we managed the fever making sure little A is comfortable and when the fever is high we gave him some over the counter meds to keep the fever in check. On the 3rd day, I thought it was time to see the dr. This time we went to our normal GP. She was great and did a thorough check up on little A. His throat was red she says but it was great that he is eating and drinking as usual. I was sick as well so she saw me too. Both of us had sore throat; me with a cold and flu but little A didn’t. She gave little A antibiotics and said if the fever doesn’t come down still to go straight to the hospital. The very next day after a night of high temp I felt uneasy and we took little A to the hospital to see his peeds. Little A needed a blood test and a nose swab to rule out dengue and influenza. The poor little dear had to get his blood tested. I made little A’s daddy go in with him, I was a scaredy-cat. I couldn’t bear to see little A being probe. When I heard little A crying, I cried silently outside wishing I could take the pain away. Result came in – neg for dengue and neg for influenza. Alhamdulillah. We are to take little A back to redo his blood works if the fever doesn’t go down after 2 days.

On little A:
Little A is so cute when he “talks” he can say fish (more like”ish”) and his roar like a lion, hiss like the snake and bark like the dog hehehe those are his favourite sounds for now I guess.

Happy new year Peeps! Hoping, wishing, praying that 2017 will be kind to all of us.




Fever is down, but rashes has developed. We are thinking measles. just called the doctor and he says it’s probably Roseola, but if we want to know for sure to take little A in. DH will get off work and take little A to see the Dr today.

Updatate #2:

Been to see the Dr and confirmed Roseola.Just calamine lotion and keep him comfy. I’m off work tomorrow to give little A lots of cuddle time. Doakan Little A cepat sembuh ye.