My handsome, smart, cheeky little man, you are ONE today. That’s a whole number!!! This past year has been the best year of our lives and it is all because of you and we thank Allah every day for His precious gift. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I have a 1 year old. It feels like only yesterday that I heard your heart beating in my belly for the first time. It still feels like a dream. I hope I will not forget the way I felt when I was carrying you in my belly, or when I gave birth to you, the first time I held you in my arms, our first kiss, your first shesek (feed) and first nappy change, the first time you said “Mama”. There has been so many first… and I pray to Allah that there would be many-many more special time we will share together.

My prayers for you my son, I pray that Allah bless you with a long and happy life, with good health and abundance of wealth. A life full of happiness, success and fulfillment. I pray that you will be passionate and compassionate. May Allah guide you in all decision that you make. Above all I pray that you will be a good Muslim. Keep Allah close to your heart, sayang.

If you are reading this and wonder what a 1 year old you was like, let Mama give you a glimpse.

• You are a very friendly baby. You like people a lot.

• You can crawl like a champ and you are really fast too. You refuse to walk though. You can furniture surf and climb very well but when we try to make you walk you would just sit. And when mummy or mama say “tak teh” you will start a bounce like dance

• You like to eat. I love it when you say nnnnnaaaakkk every time you want another bite. We let you eat normal people food and you are not a picky eater. Mama cooks you bubur ayam and sup and also pear and apple puree to eat every day. You get pasta or rice with chicken when we eat out.

• You like to “run” away every time we have diaper change and make me catch you. No 2 diaper change can be challenging phew!

• You love bath time and cry when I take you out of the tub before you were finish splashing.

• You seem like bear compared to other animals. But of course since you are from the Bear family!

• Mama caved and let you watch nursery rimes on youTube. Your favorite is Badanamu because their songs are really upbeat. Mama likes the 5 little speckled frogs.

• You have a sense of humor. You like to take my compact powder when I get ready in the morning, and when I ask for it back you will place it in my hand and quickly grab it again and “run” away. It makes us both laugh every time

• You love your Baba, well sometimes you call him Dada. We’re not sure what you will end up calling your Dad. You have a strong bond with him and always rush to him when he gets home from work. He taught you to roar like a lion. You will roar every time you see him and everyone thinks it’s super cute. You roar when we say lion too.

• You love Mummy and gives her the most sloppiest kisses when you say goodnight to go home at the end of the day. Mummy always has an eye out for you. She even scold mama a few times if I did something wrong! You want mummy to always be near you all the time, even when you are happy playing, you will look up to see if mummy is still there. Mummy has a hard time trying to cook because you won’t let her go.

• You love your Papa and makes him do things for you. He would pick you up and “save” you every time Mummy puts you in your play area (you don’t like it much in there) and let you hang with him on his desk. Papa likes to take you and Mummy to buy goreng pisang in the evening and you enjoy your car rides with them, especially since you get to ride in the front seat with Mummy. Your goodnight ritual with Papa, he will bite your arm and you will squirm and giggle. I love watching you together. Fahmy Sr and Fahmi Jr!

• You love your Jai, Mama Lin and Mama Kin. All of them have a special bond with you. I think you like Jai most because you can make him do anything for you and carry you everywhere. He would even sit by the piano for 15 minutes while you serenade him 😀 He will tip toe when he tries to leave the room so you wouldn’t notice, but if he hears you crying for him he would come right back. You bond with your mama Lin too, in the beginning she says you seem to get us confused and thought mama Lin was me (but I know you know who your mama is). Mama Kin would help babysit you sometimes. You are her youTube buddy!

• You love your kakak sha, abg adam, abg acik, kakak hana, kakak khyra and abang aidan. Kakak Sha spends a lot of time taking care of you when she was waiting to start form 1 because she couldn’t get into a school till March. She helped mummy to take care of you the first few month I had to go back to work after my confinement. She loves you so much and likes to take selfies together. Abang Aidan spends the most time with you since the both of you go to “Mummy’s School”. He entertains you and guard you to make sure you don’t go to places you shouldn’t, like the kitchen. You get angry sometimes when he blocks your way but you will know in time that he was just trying to protect you.

You have so much love surrounding you sayang. You are a lucky-lucky boy. People call you a miracle baby, but aren’t all babies a miracle? The difference is, you are OUR miracle. You make Baba and Mama’s life complete. Be awesome, sayang. Be Great! Always know that Mama and Baba loves you.

Happy First Birthday my wonderful boy. I love you so much!

Love always,