Little A has the flu. It’s making it hard for him to breathe. He is feeling miserable and the stuffy nose keeps him awake at night that poor dear. This is his second flu this month! We are doing the saline nasal spray and I TRY to suck the mucous out with the nose bulb thingy but he put up such a great fight that I am afraid I might hurt him. He hates that nose sucker! And I must say I hate doing them too. I got myself one of those everyday essential oil (eo) set when I was pregnant. I wanted the Lavender as I read online there is a study showing that smelling Lavender helps manage the pain after surgery. I got it to help with the pain of my c-sect. I’m not so sure about the pain management part, but it did help me sleep really well when I was pregnant. Since I already have the stuff at home I read up on how it could help baby with the flu. Apparently not all essential oil are safe for babies, especially for babies less than 6 months old. After some reading and asking friends who uses the eo, I tried using some on little A. The oil had to be heavily diluted. I’m hoping it will help. I put some lavender on myself and when I hold little A he could breathe in some of the lavender. He slept quite ok last night. He did wake up a few times but he went right back to sleep unlike the previous night when he woke up crying at the top of his lungs. I will keep an eye on the flu. If it gets worst, maybe a trip to the Dr will be best.

I’m praying that Little A gets better soon. It breaks my heart that I’m not with him. I’m at work now but my heart and head is thinking of the little guy. I’m so lucky that he is with mom. I know he is loved and is in good hands. Please send a prayer our way.

We took Little A to a clinic close to home. The Dr there is well known for “helping” babies/toddler to get mucus and flam out, since the little ones cannot do it by themselves. The clinic is very popular amongst parents of little ones the que to see the dr was a longggggg one. The nebulize and suction process had little A screaming and me in tears, but after the ordeal, little A breathe better and the flu is all gone. Alhamdulillah.