The truth is after giving birth I was surprise at how “flat-ish” my tummy was. Of course there were flabs but it was much flatter than before pregnancy. I was happy, everyone told me I looked good and it looked like I lost quite a bit of weight. I did. I lost all of my pregnancy weight as well as an additional 5-6 kg. I was recovering from the c-section and breastfeeding the little one. I had no sleep. All these contributed to the weight loss.

Fast forward to today. I’m back at work for 2 months now. Baby A sleeps through the night and my body is used to the daily grind. I’ve also became a fan of mc Donalds ice cream cone. Sigh….. I’m afraid to look at the scale. When I look at the mirror (when I have the time to look) I can see my cheeks getting chubbier. Dresses feels snugger. Sigh…. If only I could just maintain the weight during confinement, I’d be happy. Now I’d probably have to start all over again to lose all that I’ve already lost <- – – does this make sense?? Sigh…. Double sigh…

So… what’s my game plan? I really don’t know how to start. I don’t have time to cook. I do have time to puree fruits and veg for the little guy but that’s the limit of my cooking these days 😀 I’ve been looking at diet options. The best for me right now is low carb diet since I think for me personally carb is my enemy no 1. But it’s quite difficult with our diet based on rice and noodles and bread and potatoes and pasta… yummm pasta… sighhh!!!

My plan is to eliminate rice for now and eat more protein (I’ve tried this and failed a couple of hundred times but not this time – fingers crossed). I’ve seen friends go through low carb diet and lose quite a bit of weight and actually help with their blood sugar level. I just need to be healthier. It’s no longer because I want to look good but I want to be healthier for my son. I want him to have a mom that run around with him. I want him to have his mom period.

When do I start? The procrastinator in me says Monday 😛