They call it a staycation; a short getaway during the weekend. I wanted to celebrate DH’s birthday but didn’t plan to travel far. I decided to book a hotel room 20 minutes away from home. Lame I know but I didn’t want baby A to be stuck in the car for too long and a plane ride with a baby is just daunting right now, so we take what we can get. I had made plans with the hotel to surprise hubby with cake and presents in the room. It turned out well and we had loads of fun. Hubby was pleasantly surprised. The hotel was smack in front of Pavilion mall and Bukit Bintang that we had a great time shopping from one mall to another. We felt like tourist for the weekend. Baby A was super excited too. He didn’t mind the shopping or the change in sleeping schedule or sleeping in a different bed. I think he might just be ready for a longer trip.

It is different going on vacation with a little one. I remember the days when we just get up and go. Throw a few t-shirts in the bag and off we went. But with baby A, I needed to make sure I got all his needs covered. Being a first time mom I think I overdo it at times. Our suite case was packed to the brim and it was only for 1 night 😀 I almost brought along the sterilizer for his bottles before dear hubby stopped me LOL. There was his stroller and his carrier and his fedora (the boy got style 😉 ). Not to mention the bag full of diapers. We had another trip to Seremban the week after the first vacation. This time it is a much longer trip in the car and we stayed 2 nights for my cousin wedding (I’ll write about this soon). Baby A did wonderfully but we were just as bad with the over packing 😀 It’s ok now since it’s a road trip but if we fly, imagine the extra weight we will have to pay for!

I think we will adapt once we travel more and get our acts together. I want baby A to have a chance to see the world. At this age he probably wouldn’t remember, but I’m sure there is a lot he can learn at every turn.

Baby A turned 5 month yesterday! Oh boy how time flies.