I don’t know if it is ok, but can I start writing about baby A’s development here? I find that too many TTC blogs stop having new posts once baby comes. I find myself wanting to know how these people are doing once the baby is here. How their life changed after baby. Not everyone who frequent TTC blogs care to read about babies I guess. I apologize if my post doesn’t appeal to you anymore. I want to continue writing about my life as an infertile with a baby and our journey as parents. I’m sure there will be more TTC adventures we will go through if and when we decide to try for a sibling for baby A.

Baby A – 5 Months

I can’t believe he is 5 month old already (in 3 days). There is a picture of him at 2 days old on our wall and every time I pass that picture I can’t believe how much he has grown. I miss my wee little baby that could fit in the nook of my arm. Baby A is 8.4kg now and loves to jump on our lap when we hold him up. We had a visit with his baby dr for his shots, he didn’t even cry, my brave boy. The dr said we could start giving him solids/baby cereals or pureed fruits/vegetable. There is a debate on when to start baby on solids. Some are rigid with not until 6 months but some says between 4-6 months depending on the baby readiness. Baby A’s dr who is also a pediatrician and a baby cardiologist says as long as there is no family history of allergy or asthma he strongly suggest that we start now as it would help him with his reflux. I cried a little when I got home. I wasn’t ready for my son to start eating. He is… me, not so much. He’s growing up so fast. I blink and he’s a different baby. He can roll over now and loves it when we talk to him and he will coo along. He loves his mobile but is apprehensive of touching teddies or toys with faces on them (maybe the one’s I got are too funky). He likes his football and teether rings. He tries hard to sit up on his own but still requires support. He’s not a smiley baby but when he gives us those gummy grins, my heart just melts.

DH and I are more settled now. We are better at handling the baby and not jump and run to the dr every time baby A spit up/cry/sneeze/poop/no poop. The days are still a little exhausting. I’m still getting used to the break in my sleep. I’m so used to have 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep so it’s hard for me. There has been time I nodded off at work which I’m not proud of.

We send the baby to my mom’s in the morning and picking him up after work. By the time we reach home at night, it would be 8.30/9pm at night and we have so little time to play with the baby before getting him ready for bed. Baby A will have a bed time story after his last feed for the night and will sleep from 9.30pm to 6am but he sometimes wakes up at 4 for a feed then back to sleep and wakes up at 6. We will have dinner after baby A is in lala land. Then its bottle wash/sterilize/dry. Wash baby clothing and get stuff ready for the next day. Repeat for 5 days and then the weekends comes and it would be just wonderful. More time with baby with lots and lots of cuddles and kisses, outings and playtime. I longed for the weekends. These last 3 nights we had a sleep over at my mom’s since hubby had to go on a work assignment. I must admit it feels really good not to have the commute, sending the baby to mom’s and picking him up in the evening. It save a lot of time beating the rush hour traffic and I had so much time after baby A goes to bed that I didn’t know what to do with myself LOL. I’m in danger of making this a habit 😀

I feel so blessed that I have mom so close by and she is not only willing to take care of baby A but will not have it any other way. May Allah bless our mothers.