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May be it’s too soon to discuss this; especially when you are sleep deprived and still feeling your way through parenthood. DH and I had the talk. The conversation started when my Dr suggested birth control. I laugh out loud when the Dr mentioned it. Birth control? Me? Really? It took us 13 years for this one. It would seems that I have a build in birth control right? LOL. The Dr said that the body changes after you had a baby. He didn’t want me to get pregnant at least a year after my c-section (a year – 6 months…his numbers keeps on changing). Considering my age, if I wanted another child I must start trying soon. I am 39 this year there’s no waiting another 13 years, not even 3 years until baby A is bigger. So the question is, would we want to attempt getting pregnant and having another baby? The infertile in me wants to start treatment again soon. The planner in me wants to plan our next steps. The sceptic in me doesn’t want to tempt fate again, and just be happy with the ONE we have. I don’t know. DH seems apprehensive and unsure if we can handle 2 little ones aged so close together. Of cause all of this is assuming that I could even be pregnant again. Yes I think it’s too soon to talk about this. Give it another month or twelve 😉



7th March 2016

It’s my birthday today! Alhamdulillah I get to breathe another day on Allah great earth. This birthday is special to me. It’s my last year as a 3 series and my first birthday as a mom. I feel so blessed. It has been a challenge navigating life as a first time mom (ftm). So many things I know only in theory and what I read in books but living it is so much different. Baby A is such an easy baby, we are so blessed. Hubby surprised me with a basket of flowers at work today. It was so sweet of him. He has this thing about shopping online, he’s not a fan, so I wonder who helped purchase the flowers for him 😜

Let see if baby A can coo happy birthday for mama today

Thank you Allah.