We had Baby A’s aqiqah and kesyukuran (a thanks giving gathering of family and friends) when he turned 2 months old. We just decided to do it before I start work. It was pretty last minute so off we went to send invitations to friends and family to attend the celebrations. Most invitations were made via messaging and phone calls. This one particular call my dad made, to his cousin. They asked who just had a baby? And dad said, my daughter N. She didn’t quite believed him and said “N? Bile pulak mengandungnye? Tup tup dah besalin?” (N? When was she pregnant? All of a sudden she has a baby?”) The nerve right? My dad told me about the conversation. We found it funny but yea, I guessed people were surprised and some thought I had quietly adopted a baby and pass him as my own. There is nothing wrong with adopting. I think it would have been the next step for us anyway before we had baby A. Because of my early losses, I didn’t flaunt my pregnancy. I didn’t tell anyone other than close family and those who saw my growing belly. I was cautious all the way. It’s no wonder that when baby A came, people didn’t quite believe that I had a baby. May be I should show them my c-sect scar, may be then they’ll believe! We even joked that I should setup a photo montage of me and my pregnant belly with all the scans of the baby, but I didn’t think it was necessary. I don’t care if people think baby A did not come from my womb, it does not matter. Let them gossip all they want. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if your baby came from your womb or if he came from your heart (adoptions). What matters is the baby is yours and you will love and nurture him with all that you have. That, makes you a mother.