The plan was to have my c-section on Friday 20 November at 1 day shy of 38 weeks, but not everything goes as planned right?

I was having more frequent checkups after my 34 weeks bleeding and contraction scare and put on bedrest. At one of my appointment, on Friday 13 Nov (I was 36 weeks and 6 days), I went early to the dr’s office. The usual drill was to send my appointment card to the clinic, have my blood drawn for renal function test then off to the hospital cafe for breakfast then off to get a CTG done.

The cafe was full that day. I went to find us a seat while hubby went to get food. I spotted an empty table at the very back of the cafe and set on the chair without knowing that the chair had a bad leg. The chair gave way and I fell. Hubby was not aware of the fall as the table was not in his sight. The people around helped me up. There was a panic when they noticed I was heavyly pregnant. The hospital staff came to check on me and asked for me to go to emergency if I was feeling off. But the truth was, I was ok except for a sore bum and a bruised ego 😁. After breakfast, off I went for my CTG. I was worried about the baby. By then everyone knew I fell and was taking good care of me.

The CTG went well. At the dr review that day, the dr was concern about the fall, he didn’t want me to go into labour on my own and baby A was measuring big. He told me to come fasting for my next appointment on Monday 16 Nov just in case we need to have the c-sect that very day. Come Monday hubby and I was all set to have our baby. At the appointment the dr decided to get me admitted that day and have the c-sect on Tuesday, giving me time to get another round of steroid shots for the baby’s lungs. I didn’t object…