Made it to another week Alhamdulillah. My weekly doctor visits now consist of a blood and urine test for renal function and CTG until baby gets here. During the CTG today baby boy was really active at first but then fell asleep so the midwife had to jiggle my tummy to wake him up. Still with all the jiggling baby decided to not wake up. Then hubby tried to wake baby up by singing to my tummy and that finally did the trick. Baby boy started kicking up a storm. It was so funny. All is well. No contractions and my blood test came back ok, but I did have a little infection and the doctor gave me some antibiotics for it. Baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead and weighs 3.1kg based on the scan.

The planned c-section date is still as scheduled on 20 November, 18 days to go. That’s not too long now. I’m packed for the hospital but not packed for the confinement period since I will be at my moms for the month. I keep thinking there are stuff I need to get still. I asked the dr if I can go out shopping and he say yes…. As long as you are in a wheelchair LOL. So only online shopping for me for now. I’m enjoying my lazy days at home. My feet are no longer swollen, and I get to nap alllll the time. I’m such a lazy bum 😁

Hope all is well at your end.