It was a Monday and I was off to work as always. The girls at work had planned a lunch outing to celebrate a friends birthday. Before we were off, I went to the toilet to pee since thats all I do these days! When I wipe I saw blood. It was bright red fresh blood. I froze. Took more toilet paper and wipe, more blood. I  wasn’t sure where the blood was coming from, did I cut myself? Was it my hemorrhoids? Was it a bloody show? I decided to tell the girls that I wanted to rest a bit. Then I felt some pressure and my tummy got really hard and it took my breath away. I knew my dr was away that day but I decided to sms him anyway to ask what to do. He called me up and ask me to go to Labour and Delivery at the hospital to get checked out. I called hubby and he came and picked me up. Off we went to the hospital.

Once there I was hooked up on the CTG machine. I could hear the baby’s heartbeat and the bleed had stop so I felt a little at ease. After the CTG the nurse had me rest while she contacted my Dr with the result. When the nurse came in, she asked my husband to go to admission office to get me admitted. I panicked and asked why? She says that I was having regular contractions at 2-3 minutes apart and we needed to try and stop it. They gave me some med to stop the contractions and asked me to rest for a bit before repeating the CTG again. After the meds the contractions were still happening but they were lesser and further apart. I still don’t know how to tell the difference between the baby stretching or moving really heard and contractions! Just in case I went into labour soon, the dr had me take a steroid shot to mature the baby’s lungs. The shots burned big time!

I was at the hospital for one night to be monitored. I had a scan the next day and everything seems to be ok and baby already weighing 3kg. Dr told me maybe I over exerted myself which caused the bleed and the contractions. Since I am only at 34 weeks they want to watch me closely to make sure I don’t go to premature labour. I am now off from work and on instructions to take it easy and rest as much as possible. I’ve put myself on a modified bedrest for now and praying baby will stay put till at least 37 weeks.

These last few days has been nerve wrecking. Every time my tummy tense up I get a little scared. I’ve started to pack my hospital bag and make sure hubby knows where all my stuff are some can grab them if I go into labour. Please send some prayer my way, I’m praying that the baby is healthy and will stay inside till the scheduled c-sect 20 Nov. Please please