I’m back at work today after 3 days bedrest. I was getting ready to go to work on Monday but my body just didn’t feel right. I took my blood pressure and it was elevated 141/94, my usual reading would be 130/80 ish. I haven’t been getting a good night’s rest these couple of days so I thought it could be just that, but just in case I asked hubby to take me to see my GP at her clinic near the house. At the clinic my blood pressure got worst. The reading went up to 156/92 and the dr wasn’t comfortable letting me go, so she wrote a note for me to get checked out at the hospital. I gave a call to my O&G and got a slot to see him. He was somewhat upset that I didn’t call him up right away instead of seeing a GP. My bp reading didn’t improve. He did a scan to see how the baby was doing and the baby was doing great, and at 33+2 already weighing 2.6kg. He then he sent me to get my urine and blood renal function checked at the lab. The test result took 30 minutes. My urine was clean, no protein and my renal function test also came up clear which was a huge relief as we were all thinking preeclampsia. The Dr sent me home with additional bp meds (Labetalol 100mg) in addition to my existing bp meds and instruction for 3 days bed rest. I had to sms him with my bp reading at 9am – 2pm and 10pm every day. I will have to get my urine and renal function test done again next week. So far after the meds adjustments my bp is looking good again. I do get the occasional headache though.

My baby girl S (my god daughter/niece) was with us during the weekend. She’s like a daughter to us, we are very close and get to have sleep overs during weekends. Since school was closed due to the haze, she was able to come with us to the Dr visit and got to see her little brother in the scan. She stayed with me during the bedrest. Since hubby had to go to work it was so comforting to have her around. We didn’t do much, we ate and watched TV. We had a good laugh watching ellen on YouTube and had lots and lots of cuddles. I wish I can have her around every day. We sent her home yesterday and I couldn’t sleep all night last night missing her.

I’m starting to think that I might need to sign off from work earlier than I planned. Hoping all will be well with my health as well as our baby boy. Not long now, 29 days to go insya Allah.