I’ve gained 8kg so far (face in palm). The last 2 visits were the worst. I’ve gained so much weight! I don’t think I’ve been eating any different but the weighing scale doesn’t agree. The baby now weighs 1.58kg and measuring right on track. The Dr tried to get a good 3D shot of his face but it didn’t come out too well the dr said it’s because the amount of fluid surrounding the area of the face. The baby looks quite angry being poked and probed LOL.

I was sent to see a doctor of nuclear medicine due to having impaired result for my glucose tolerance test. I’ve had the test done twice already one at 15 weeks and again at 26 weeks. Both reading showed that I have impaired glucose tolerance but not diabetic. Since the second test I have been taking my own glucose reading in the morning (fasting) and 2 hours after every meal and I’ve shown the results (all below 7.8 mmol/l guideline the dr advised) to the dr and he seems fine with it in the beginning but just to ease our minds I guess, he had me meet with this new dr. I had to take the glucose tolerance again called the 3 point test. This time they took both blood and urine samples when I came in fasting then at 1 hour after drinking the glucose and again 2 hours after glucose. The result turned out better than the previous 2 and the dr said I did not have gestational diabetes but it would be wise to monitor my daily food intake. That’s good to know and I’m already monitoring myself. At the back of my mind I’m thinking why are they having me repeat the same test too many times??? Though the reading was good this time the dr still send me off to see a nutritionist to talk about what to eat and what to avoid and also portion control. Most of the things I knew already but not necessary practice in real life LOL. So I vow to do better. Try harder and control the food I put into my mouth for baby’s sake!

I’m seeing the Dr every 2 weeks now. Next visit will be 10/10 at 32 weeks. We’ve talked about mode of delivery and we’ve planned to have a c-section done at 38 weeks which will be 23/11. At least that’s the plan for now. I’m hoping and praying that baby boy and my body will stick to the plan. I’ve been reading about premature labor and scaring myself silly. Why do I do this to myself???

Hope all is well at your end dear readers. Sending you love and loads and loads of baby magic your way.