My Father in law (FIL) lives alone 2.5 hours drive up north in Ipoh. My Mother in law passed away well before DH and I met so I never had the opportunity to meet the woman who raised DH to become such a wonderful man he is today. We rarely go up to visit my father in law. I guess it’s our busy schedule or may be its more of the kind of relationship DH has with his dad. There’s nothing wrong with the relationship, it’s just very…hmmmm what’s the word to use… practical? We make it a point to go visit at least twice a year and we do get together if there were weddings or family occasions. I know it’s not enough. I feel some guilt about it.

Though DH doesn’t talk to his father often, he still wanted his dad to be involved with our baby. So lately DH has been calling up his dad and updating him on my pregnancy and the baby’s progress. I love that they are talking to each other more. The thought that DH is bonding with his dad over our son is just awesome. Then came the latest call to FIL, we have sort of played around with some baby names. We’ve wanted a child since forever so of coz we had some names ready and I’ve fell in love with one. It has a combination of FIL’s name and also my father’s name. DH ran it by his dad and he hates it and I’m crushed. FIL has come up with a name and I don’t love it. I don’t want my FIL to feel offended or left out if we don’t use the name he gave. What do I do? Baby is not done cooking yet, maybe I should just leave it till baby comes and not worry about this now? I’ve always thought this decision would be made by just DH and me. I didn’t even ask my parents for their thoughts on names since I would think they would love any name we picked out. Now I’m torn.

We still have 10 weeks or so to go, I guess we have plenty of time to talk this over.