I’m on cloud 9. I start feeling baby fluttering at around 18 weeks. It felt strange but oh so wonderful. I got to know the baby was ok in there. It did come and go, some days I wouldn’t feel the baby for a day or two which got me worried (as usual) but after reading (you learn a lot from other mommy’s blog) it was normal not to feel the baby for days in the beginning since the baby is still pretty tiny. Hubby could feel them on the outside since 20 weeks and seeing his face when he got to feel his son kick for the first time was precious. It left me in tears. I am trying hard to hold on to these memories. Now at 25 weeks the baby’s kicks are stronger and I could see my belly jerk.

Dr visits so far has been ok I guess. I see my obgyn every 4 weeks. The Dr is nice but I think I’ve been too spoilt by Dr P and Dr A that normal ob just doesn’t compare. My Dr has decided that I will be having a c-section at 38 weeks. That will be sometime 20ish November. Though my blood pressure is under control at this moment we would not know how it will be during the final trimester that has weight on the decision to proceed with the c-sect. As long as my baby and I are safe I’ll follow dr’s orders. The Dr had me take HbA1C blood test that measures the glycosylate hemoglobin in the blood where they can estimate how sugar is managed over a couple of months. I guess my Dr is concern of gestational diabetes. The result came in great Alhamdulillah. I was concern since the last month has been Raya month and I’ve been eating everything in sight 😀 but surprisingly I did not gain any weight since last appointment. As long as the baby is growing. Mummy don’t need to grow too much! I’m up for my second glucose tolerance test this Saturday at 26 weeks. I wonder if all pregnant mothers have to do all these test? I’m also doing my own glucose test at home with the glucose meter and also keeping track of my blood pressure. So far everything seems to be within range. I hope it stays that way for the final stretch.

Next appointment is at 28 weeks. Last appointment we got to count baby’s fingers and toes and got see the baby’s organs, but the baby was breeched and wasn’t in the best position to see his heart so we will be looking at that next appointment. I’m hoping we’ll get to do a 3D scan and see the baby’s face if baby will cooperate.

I’m still terrified of buying baby stuff, it makes everything seems real. My infertile brain thought process is all messed up. It’s hard to even try to explain.

Hoping and praying we will all have our healthy babies in our arms soon, insya Allah.