I had a visit with Dr A at 11w6d and everything looks good, baby measuring right on track at 11w6d. The placenta is lying low which the dr was concerned about but since it is still early, I read that it may move up as the uterus grows. I’m praying that that’ll be the case with me. If it stays where it is then it would be c-sec for me which I don’t really mind at this point as long as the baby is safe and healthy I’ll just follow dr’s orders. My bp was somewhat elevated yesterday. They had to take my bp 4 different times and the numbers varies. I will be keeping track of the readings at home.

Next appointment is in 3 weeks. I’m a little nervous about that. It seems too long. I’m so used to my biweekly appointments. I’m planning to start looking for an OBGYN since most probably my next appointment with Dr A will be my last with her sob sob. Dr A has asked me many time to pick an OB but I can’t seem to. It feels like I’m looking too far in the future somehow?? and I feel so scared to let go of Dr A. I feel so safe with her! Like a safety blanket of sorts. I do have an OB in mind, Dr M. He delivered all my 6 nieces and nephews, I wrote about him once here. I saw him for a second opinion before my D&C on my last miscarriage and I thought he was great. I’m planning to see him next week just to get a feel before I decide for sure and that will mean I get to see baby before my next appointment with Dr A which would ease my mind a bit.

On the progesterone front, I’m still on Utrogestan and oral duphaston 3 times a day. Dr A told me to just finish off what I have left on me and it’ll be fine to stop now, but right after the appointment I went to the pharmacy and bought 3 more boxes!! I’m terrified of stopping. It won’t hurt the baby if I go on a few extra weeks (my pocket might feel the pinch though). I’ve decided to continue till I’m 16 weeks along. It feels right to continue the meds.

For all of us struggling with infertility, I pray that Allah bless us with our beautiful, healthy babies soon. At whatever stage you are in your fertility journey, I hope that you have the love and support you need to power through.