My other half is away on a business trip, and as always when he is away, I run back to mum’s house. I don’t know if I’ve wrote about this, but my sisters lives with mum and dad. This means all my 6 babies are there and they were very excited that their mama bear is home. I had to take turn sleeping in their rooms. There were lots of hugs and kisses and of cause candies!! I’m missing hubby but I’m enjoying the quality time with the little ones and spending time with mum and dad and of course lots and lots of yummy home cook meals 🙂 🙂 😉

Yesterday I spent time with dad setting up his blog on patio gardening. He’s been asking me to help for a while now. I’m far from an experience blogger but hey when dad ask you do heheh. Because of my “condition” I get a free pass at home, no cleaning up or washing dishes yey!! I so love being pampered… I hope I’m not being too much of a trouble :D. I’m blessed that mom and dad are so close and I get to see them all the time. I’m sure hubby feels better knowing that wifey and our little bub is well taken care of while he’s away.

This week I feel tired all the time. May be I’m not getting a good’s night’s sleep with missing my Hubby and my bed and all. I’m 6 weeks along and the constant nausea is also here and it makes me smile, hoping that it means that our little bean is growing healthy. Last appointment at 5 weeks we got to see the sac. Next appointment will be next week to see the heartbeat. I’m scared. No, scared does not even come close to describing how I feel. I’m petrified! If you’ve read my blog you will know why.

One foot after another. We’ll make it through. One day at a time. Bismillahi tawakkaltu alallah la haula wa la quwwata illa billah.