This post is a backdated post. Most of my posts are these days. I’m Sorry 😀 , I’m a bad blogger, I know. I don’t think I should even call myself a blogger. I do steal time to write but haven’t quite gotten the time to post on my actual blog ie here.

The stimming for my IUI cycle went longer than expected. I was put on Pergovaris for an additional 9 days. On CD 15 I triggered with Ovidrel and my IUI was scheduled for 36 hours after that. Dealing with the injections and drugs was like riding the bicycle; you just get on with it like its second nature. My body tolerated the meds well. No major side effects. My right ovaries wasn’t responding too well to the meds, the left one thrived, but remember my left tube is blocked so that figures. My body is trying to defy me!!! Oh well, we will just work with what we have and pray hard that Allah gives us a miracle.

The IUI procedure itself was fine. This is my first with Dr A. Apparently for IUI, it is performed in the comfort of her office. We had to arrive early to the hospital and go straight to the IVF center for mr Hubby to produced his goods. After that is done, we went for some breakfast as my appointment is set for 2 hours after the sperm drop. An hour before the IUI procedure I was told to empty my bladder and then to start drinking 4 glasses of water. This was a little tricky for me. How much is 4 glasses = ?ml ? I decided to finish a 500ml mineral water and as it turned out it is the perfect amount for me. After the hour was up my bladder was nice and full but not too full that I was bursting. After undressing waist down and laid down, Dr A discussed a little on the sperm collected (?? million) after washing, a good number she says. Dh was really proud of himself :P. The procedure went smoothly, the catheter went in and out easily with no bleeding or backflow. Alhamdulillah. Dr A did the procedure guided with the ultrasound so she’ll be able to see where she needs to guide the catheter and release the sperms. We were also able to see on the screen the mr Spermies being released to find ms Egg. And so the journey of life begins.

Dr A gave me a sick note for the day of the procedure and another 2 days for 5dpiui and 6dpiui. We were told to do the baby dance the old fashion way that night and again the next day after Magrib prayers and after that we were to abstain completely. She tells me that 5dpiui and 6dpiui is when the embryo starts attaching itself in the uterus so I should be resting hence the mc. I put myself on a modified bed rest from 5dpiui to 7dpiui just to be safe. I know the odds are stacked against us. I’ll leave me in Allah hands. Bismillahi tawakkaltu alallah la haula wa la quwwata illa billah.