This is a catchup post. The timeline to my blog is not really up to date. The time between my first appointment with Dr A and this HSG is a whole cycle. My cycle was short though, 24 days! It’s so unlike me. My usual cycle is 32 days and after the D&C it has been 40 some days but I my body (reads brain) wanted to get this over and done with I guess.

So the day came for my HSG. I’ve done it before in 2010. I don’t remember what it felt like back then. I just remembered the awkward male Dr who performed the procedure on me. This time around I got the lovely Dr F. She was gentle and walked me through the procedure. The HSG process was uncomfortable and crampy (not a word, I know) but not what I would categorized as painful. I was kept comfortable with pillow under my head and blankets to keep me warm. I told the lovely Dr F that I got my films from my previous HSG with me but since I was already laying down I couldn’t pass it along to her. She asked me what the outcome of my HSG was, I told her that they found that my right tube was blocked. Well she was looking at the screen, pushing the contras liquid into me and said “dear, your right tube looks ok. See this the fluid is going through. But your LEFT tube seems to be blocked. Are you sure it’s your right tube that’s blocked?” WHAT???? Really??? I read the report the night before so I was sure it was the right blocked, well 99% sure, but now I’m second guessing myself so I said “maybe I got it switched around in my head” (queue nervous laughter).

The first thing I did when it was all done was to go to my bag and open up the 2010 report. There, clear as day was written “Right tube blocked”. I passed the film over to the Dr; when her report came out it says “Left tube appears blocked” or something to that extend. Dr F was thorough. She did the before, during and after 30 minutes x-rays. The first dr? I don’t know. I don’t remember him looking at the screen as much and he probably only read the film and the film was loaded wrong side up? I don’t know?? What does this mean to me? It meant that all the IUI and timed intercourse we did, making sure that the follicle was on the left ovary – my so call “good tube” was wrong. All the abandon cycle because my follicle was from my “blocked” side was for naught. I know there is no “what if”s. Things happen as what it is supposed to. But in my heart of hearts, I’m screaming!!! I’ve always believed the job you do is a responsibility an ibadah even; no matter how small it is or how massive. Your mistake can mean someone’s life could be altered. So if you are uncomfortable sitting between someone’s knees, then don’t. But if you still have to do it for whatever reason, then do it the best you can. I don’t know what I’m rambling here. I just know that someone made a shitty mistake. Yea it didn’t cause someone’s life but… but…. Yea…

So that’s that. HSG done. Next to make an appointment with lovely Dr A after she’s back from holidays. On to the next cycle. May Allah guide all of us on our journey – Destination Baby. Bismillahi Tawakkaltu Alallah.
Happy 2015 everybody! May this year bring us joy, success, contentment and Allah’s blessings in everything that we do and of cause a baby or two? 😉