So the day came to do my series of blood work. The doctor ordered some 2 pages of blood work to be done. Since my glucose tolerant test needed me to fast 8 hours before, during my visit with the dr, nurse S told me to get a few of the test done that day and I can proceed with the other lot when I come fasting. I told her I’d rather do the blood work together so they’ll only need to poke me onceJ. I thought I was all clever but on the day they needed to take some 8 tubes of blood and oh my! It’s not enough that my vein are hard to find and are small. I’m told by the nice guy taking my blood that small veins collapse easily and I will need to be poked several times to fill up all the tubes. At that moment I wished I’ve listen to nurse S and did some of the test earlier.

It wasn’t too bad, they needed to poke me twice after all and another time after 2 hours consuming the glucose drink. The glucose drink was bad! I hardly drink sugar anymore, no coffee, sodas so having to finish off the cup of sugar drink was yucky and gave me a headache.

Hubby came in to pay for the tests, I showed him the vials of blood that was taken, feeling a little sorry for myself and looking for some sympathy from him. But before hubby got to say anything, the lady at the counter said “they take a lot more blood from one person during blood donation” that brought me down to earth again LOL.

So blood work done. I hope the results are good. Next will be waiting for AF to come and schedule a HSG.