After a little soul searching, I made an appointment with Dr A. For fertility cases she sees new patients on CD 12. CD 12 for me was a Sunday so CD 13 it is. I called in to make an appointment but the nurse was busy so I was asked to leave my name and number and she called back later that afternoon. The Dr is just back from her leave so I was told the day would be pact. I am to get there before 1pm to register, but my appointment will be between 1pm to 3pm. Since I still had some off days to finish off before the New Year, I took the whole day off.

It took some asking around to get to the clinic, I’ve been to the hospital before in March for my D&C but have not been to any of their specialist clinic. There were a lot of people there, parking was bad but highlight of the day was that I got to see the Dr almost straight away!

I’ve read quite a bit about the Dr online. I’ve also frequent her blog. My first impression of her was; she was attentive, serious about her craft and at the same time gentle. As most first appointments goes, she wanted to know about our pervious history, I talked and talked until my throat got dried LOL. That’s a lot of history! She did a TVScan and tell’s me that I do NOT have PCOS (lucky me), but my left ovary is not where it should be. It’s more to the center rather than to the left. She asked me to do another HSG to check my tubes and my uterus cavity. I think it made sense since the HSC I did was back in 2010. Lots have changed since then with the polyps removal and d&c that would change the uterus cavity right? She’s getting me to do a whole list of blood work and I’m all for that. I want to know all we could before deciding to proceed with another round of IVF. I’m very comfortable with her. Another plus is, hubby really likes the doctor too!