Sometimes I wonder if it is a good idea to continue to pursue more fertility treatments. With my age almost at the very tip of 30 something, my blood pressure issue, my weight. The odds are stacked against me. Friends on the blogs that I read are starting treatments again and it really got me excited to give it another go. To be able to hope again would be wonderful.

I’ve decided if we were going to do another round of IVF it will be with Dr A. I want a new eye on my case, and also a different lab and embryologist. Nothing is set is stone yet. I haven’t even called for an appointment, but the plan is there if and when I want to set it in motion.

This blog has been quiet lately. That’s always the case with (in)fertility blogs, there’s nothing much to write about if I’m not undergoing treatments. I guess trying on our own doesn’t warrant a post?
Life has been good these last few months. Nothing too dramatic or interesting. We are paddling through life as normal, busy jobs with little down time to relax. We do get our “baby” fix by baby sitting and spoiling our nieces and nephews. Some visits when the kids get too rowdy, loud and difficult, I must admit I was secretly glad that I’d get my quiet time with hubs without distractions and my sleep time uninterrupted. But the truth is I’d trade that in a second.

I’m afraid if we do try again, the amount of time, money, and struggle to go through a cycle will be too taxing not to mention the ups and downs and the crushing heart break if it fails again. I don’t know if I’m up to sign up for all this again.

I don’t know… I’m torn…