I wrote a while back after my first miscarriage how I collected all the positive pee stick and my ultrasound images and put everything in a little pretty keepsake box. This time around I haven’t gotten to it yet. I have more sonogram pictures this time but they are kept safe between sheets of a novel I was reading. Life has moved on as it should I guess. Other than an embarrassing bout of uncontrollable sobbing at work after an unsuspecting remarks by a colleague and friend, I’ve been pretty stable. It’s not logical to dwell on something I can’t change. But logic and real life doesn’t always see eye to eye.

I’m planning a romantic getaway with DH to Europe in May. I’m spending all my free time planning the trip which means less time to dwell. We are also trying to be healthier and adding weekend runs/jog/walks to our weekly routine and I’m doing the J.M 30 day shr*d videos. It’s hard and I don’t know if I’ll make the week let alone a whole month, but we’ll see. We’ve decided that after 3rd cycle pass the D&C we will get our blood works done to check for genetic and clotting issues. We will go from there and decide if we want to give IVF another go. In my hearts of hearts, I’m wishing that we’ll get pregnant on our own before then. A girl could dream right?

Well, I’m praying that all our dreams come true, especially the impossible ones! Miracle do happen, and this time it will happen to all of us! (in sha Allah) Baby dust!