I’m a little under the weather. Caught a cold… We had my niece’s birthday this weekend. I was really excited to be home at my parents since I haven’t seen my parents and my little nieces and nephews (I call them my babies) for a bit since I was taking it easy at home. There were lots and lots of kisses and hugs which I live by. But the kids were starting or just recovering from the flu…. and I guess I caught some :D. No too huge price to pay for all the warm hugs and kisses right?

My days are pretty slow these days. Usually it’s an early night for me as I get awfully tired by day end. I would wake up once in the middle of the night to go wee wee or from a nightmare. Other than that I feel pretty normal. (.)(.) are sore especially after a day confined in a bra. Nothing much on the symptoms front. Oh yea… I do get the occasional cramps like AF is coming but they are far in between and I try not to fixate on that. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone, but I still do the HPT (pee stick) thing LOL!

The dr’s appointment is not till the 25th Feb, that’s almost 2 whole weeks to go. That’s a while away. I wish I’d know already if the babies are growing healthy and in the right spot. Nothing I can do about that and I’m leaving it in Allah hands. For now I’ll focus on getting myself better and get rid of this flu… drink up and stay hydrated.