Yep…I bought supplies! Argggg! Now that I have some at home I find myself battling with should I test? Should I wait? Hubby is his usual self and no help at all in these situations. He’s holding firm to “it’s up to you” crap! I laid in bed in the wee morning of my 7dp3dt and had a heated debate with my half-conscious self and after tossing and turning decided to not pee on a stick today. So today I get to be obliviously PUPO for another day. I’m rather proud of myself to be able to hold off testing. I won the battle today but tomorrow is another story.

Symptoms, I’m still bloated. No action on (.)(.) but if I poke hard it hurts LOL. Can’t wait till the day is finally done and I get to know for sure but at the same time I’m loving the notion that I’m for now PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise).

Hope your day is much saner than mine. Babydust…