I would have thought I’d write more often since I’m home and off work since the transfer, but I got sooooooo lazy and loving the doing nothing bed rest!  I’m PUPO with our 2 embryos.  The embryos thawed well and we are hopeful. I got acupuncture done before and after transfer. The acupuncture dr advised me to come 5 days straight after the transfer but I decided to stay home and rest instead. I’m having lots of fun being waited hand and foot by dearest hubby. I’m off work for 3 days till the weekend. Our dr just advice me to take it easy this couple of days; but I’m on self imposed bed rest.

It’s 4dp3dt – 4 days post 3 day transfer. Not much on the symptoms front. I’m only on Duphaston tablets twice a day nothing else.  I sleep a lot but that’s from the being lazy part LOL. My test day will be 3rd Feb, it’s a holiday here so I’ll be at home which is always a good thing. With FET, the doctor sends you off with a urine pregnancy test that you need to do at home. If it turns positive then they’ll call you in for a blood test.

This time around I asked the embryologist if I could have a picture of my embryos. I never had them with all my other transfers. I’m so glad I asked. They are perfect to me. I’m in love!