I’m having my frozen embryo transfer tomorrow. Yea I’ve been bad at updating… so so sorry. This time around will be a natural cycle. No meds just progesterone pills for support. I managed to fit in some acupuncture sessions since a clinic has opened right next to our fertility clinic. So far I have had 2 sessions and will have one tomorrow right before the transfer and another right after. The acupuncture session is pretty relaxing. During the first session the acupuncturist took my pulse and looked at my tongue. She told me that my body was cold and my pulse is deep, which means my circulation was not very good. There is some truth there, I get cold feet and fingers all the time. Other than the acupuncture, I now wear socks around the house to keep my feet warm and use hot water bottle to get my tummy nice and warm too. I will need to stop using the hot water bottle after the transfer. The acupuncturist also send me home with moxa stick. The moxa stick needs to be lighted up somewhat like a cigar. The lighted moxa stick is then placed at certain parts of your body; in my case around the belly button area. It is supposed to increase blood circulation to the uterus. The down side is my curtain now smells like the house is on fire!

I was pleasantly surprise that I was able to get a positive LH on the ovulation test stick. I haven’t been able to get any stick to turn positive for a while now! My thoughts for this cycle? I’m not putting much hope on this cycle. But saying that, I’ve never felt this nervous on any of my other cycle.  I don’t know, of course I want this to go well and the end result will be our beautiful take home babies, but I’ve been at this for a while to know my odds. If you have some to spare, please send love and baby dust my way tomorrow.


Love N