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Yep…I bought supplies! Argggg! Now that I have some at home I find myself battling with should I test? Should I wait? Hubby is his usual self and no help at all in these situations. He’s holding firm to “it’s up to you” crap! I laid in bed in the wee morning of my 7dp3dt and had a heated debate with my half-conscious self and after tossing and turning decided to not pee on a stick today. So today I get to be obliviously PUPO for another day. I’m rather proud of myself to be able to hold off testing. I won the battle today but tomorrow is another story.

Symptoms, I’m still bloated. No action on (.)(.) but if I poke hard it hurts LOL. Can’t wait till the day is finally done and I get to know for sure but at the same time I’m loving the notion that I’m for now PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise).

Hope your day is much saner than mine. Babydust…



I’m back at work since yesterday. I welcome the distraction but once in a while I would still google 6dpd3t symptoms and such. I just can’t help myself! I’m afraid I might be anemic again. I catch myself out of breath and feeling cold. I could start iron supplements but I think I’ll need to confirm my blood levels before I start that and I do hate the constipation that comes with it so the solution is…. Beetroot juice! I’ll need to get some ASAP! My under eyelids is still pink which is a good sign. I’m glad to have something else to obsess about other than symptoms spotting and (.)(.) poking LOL

I’m a little bloated today but I don’t think that’s a symptoms though because I had satay and peanut gravy last night and though I LOVE peanuts, it makes me bloat. Other than that I’m pretty symptom-less. I’m debating to test early, at 8dp3dt (11dpo) perhaps, but I haven’t decided yet. I don’t have any home pregnancy test (hpt) at home other than the one that the clinic provided for our official test. Should I? Shouldn’t I? I don’t know!! If I do I’ll let you know.

Sending some love out through cyberspace. Hope your day is a wonderful one.


I would have thought I’d write more often since I’m home and off work since the transfer, but I got sooooooo lazy and loving the doing nothing bed rest!  I’m PUPO with our 2 embryos.  The embryos thawed well and we are hopeful. I got acupuncture done before and after transfer. The acupuncture dr advised me to come 5 days straight after the transfer but I decided to stay home and rest instead. I’m having lots of fun being waited hand and foot by dearest hubby. I’m off work for 3 days till the weekend. Our dr just advice me to take it easy this couple of days; but I’m on self imposed bed rest.

It’s 4dp3dt – 4 days post 3 day transfer. Not much on the symptoms front. I’m only on Duphaston tablets twice a day nothing else.  I sleep a lot but that’s from the being lazy part LOL. My test day will be 3rd Feb, it’s a holiday here so I’ll be at home which is always a good thing. With FET, the doctor sends you off with a urine pregnancy test that you need to do at home. If it turns positive then they’ll call you in for a blood test.

This time around I asked the embryologist if I could have a picture of my embryos. I never had them with all my other transfers. I’m so glad I asked. They are perfect to me. I’m in love!






I’m having my frozen embryo transfer tomorrow. Yea I’ve been bad at updating… so so sorry. This time around will be a natural cycle. No meds just progesterone pills for support. I managed to fit in some acupuncture sessions since a clinic has opened right next to our fertility clinic. So far I have had 2 sessions and will have one tomorrow right before the transfer and another right after. The acupuncture session is pretty relaxing. During the first session the acupuncturist took my pulse and looked at my tongue. She told me that my body was cold and my pulse is deep, which means my circulation was not very good. There is some truth there, I get cold feet and fingers all the time. Other than the acupuncture, I now wear socks around the house to keep my feet warm and use hot water bottle to get my tummy nice and warm too. I will need to stop using the hot water bottle after the transfer. The acupuncturist also send me home with moxa stick. The moxa stick needs to be lighted up somewhat like a cigar. The lighted moxa stick is then placed at certain parts of your body; in my case around the belly button area. It is supposed to increase blood circulation to the uterus. The down side is my curtain now smells like the house is on fire!

I was pleasantly surprise that I was able to get a positive LH on the ovulation test stick. I haven’t been able to get any stick to turn positive for a while now! My thoughts for this cycle? I’m not putting much hope on this cycle. But saying that, I’ve never felt this nervous on any of my other cycle.  I don’t know, of course I want this to go well and the end result will be our beautiful take home babies, but I’ve been at this for a while to know my odds. If you have some to spare, please send love and baby dust my way tomorrow.


Love N