I’m still here… have been battling erratic blood pressure. It started suddenly mid-September and my blood pressure was in the range of 148/98 which freaked me out. I haven’t change anything other than the weight gained during the IVF process but the change in blood pressure only become apparent weeks after the bfn. I’m thinking it might be from all the salty potato chips and chocolate I’ve been guzzling to damper off the disappointment. I’ve been to see my cardiologist and he upped my meds dosage. I’m monitoring my bp at home somewhat religiously but even after upping the meds dosage the change in my systolic reading is not much at all. You would think all the healthy living and exercising I’ve been doing should remedy the problem right? Butttt… I’ve been naughty and not sticking with the plan 😦

On a happier note, my sister-in-law has given birth to baby girl…yey!! She’s super cute and for now loves to cry! Funny, when my sis-in-law was in labour, I coached her and gave her pointers… me the person with no practical but a hell load of theory on this subject! Hah! She ended up needing to have a c-sect though since she wasn’t dilating pass 1.5 cm and the baby was starting to get weak. But all is well. I’m happy for her and her little family… I really am.

I have some vacation days to use up before the year end. I’m thinking of using them when we do our FET but the thing is… I don’t know when that’ll be… I still have not gotten AF this month! Blahh!!! I wish it’ll hurry up and come already so that I can start planning for a cycle. I can’t believe that we are at the end of October already!! Time just fly….


Love N