It’s been a while. It always gets like this with me and writing on the blog when things are quiet in the TTC front. There is not much to write about. I’m well but have gained 2 kg!!!!! argggg!!!! It just crept up on me… must be from all the meds I was on throughout the IVF process and then all the chocolates I guzzled after the BFN! I will start to eat health starting today!  I thought I’d better document this on the blog so that I won’t do the “I’ll start tomorrow” routine LOL.

I don’t have a diet plan or anything like that but I’m planning to eat healthier… drop the chocolates and sweets, drink plenty of WATER and LIMIT my carbs… if you don’t know already, I’m a carb addict… yes… I’m N and I’m addicted to carbs!

We will see how this goes. I’m planning to lose the weight I’ve gained before we go for our FET. I wrote earlier that we are planning to do our FET during my October cycle, but I think I’ll let October go for now and decide when to do it when it feels right… and right now October seems too soon.

Well, dear fellow fertility challenged peeps… wherever you are in your journey, I’m praying that your quest will be short and you’ll have your bundle of joy in your arms soon.