Hubby took me out to eat at a fabulous restaurant yesterday to kick off our Anniversary celebrations. My brain has been in a haze these last few weeks that I’ve forgotten what months we are in??? Guess what, I just figured out that our anniversary is SATURDAY… yep… beta day… oh my!!!!! That’s just way too much pressure to put on one day!

It’s has been 8 days since these embryos has was placed back in me.  Around this time last cycle I started to get freaking out and broke down and did a hpt test at 7dp3dt. This time, I don’t have the urge to test at all (so far). I don’t even have one pee stick lying around the house which is a good thing coz I know I’ll cave if I find one. I think we will just wait for the blood test on Saturday.  I’m not paying much attention to the symptoms or lack of symptoms this cycle since comparing between my BFP IVF#1 and my BFN FET#1 there is no different in the way I felt. I had vivid dream both times,headache, cramps and tender bo*bs at one point or another… so I don’t think I can tell either way… so I won’t even try to analyze the twinges I’m feeling this cycle.

3 sleeps to go. For now I’m comforted by the notion that my itty bitty babies are snuggling tight…