We had our egg retrieval (ET) on Saturday. We checked in to the hospital bright and early for our 8:30am appointment. After checking in the nurse there took my height and weight (ouch!) and then my blood pressure. My bp was a little elevated, I guess it was the nerves so they asked me to changed and lay down on the bed to relax a bit. I’m really not a fan of those gowns with my a*s hanging out for all to see! Then the chirpy anaesthesiologist from the last time I did ER came to the room to get the IV going. I LOVE her LOL… she’s so nice and upbeat and it made me feel very at ease and calm since I really hate having the IV put in, great thing we got her again; I almost didn’t feel a thing.


There was only two retrievals scheduled the same day and I was no 2. When my time came they wheeled me to the OR, nurse S and dr H was also there and said hi. It’s nice to see familiar faces.  I was pretty calm, may be since this is my second time so I can anticipate what was going to happen. They oxygen mask on me and ask me to take deep breaths, and then I was in lala land. I woke up a couple of time and again this time around I keep hearing “no eggs, no eggs”… not a good thing to hear!!

When I came to they informed me that we got an even dozen, 12 eggs. I was really happy with the result since on the last follicle count I had only had 6 at the right size. After a bit of rest and some food, we got ready to go back home. I was feeling fine after the procedure a little achy, but if you’ve gone through ER before you’d know the day after is the worst. The pain actually started the night of the ER, I could hardly stand! I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach and the bloat is no joke. I lived on water and Gatorade which helps. By the third day (the day of transfer) the pain was almost gone and I felt much better.

If you are having your ER soon, my advice would be to stock up on Gatorade and make sure you drink a lot of water to counter the bloat. I’ll write on the transfer soon!