Yesterday I went for my Dr’s appointment to see how my follicles are doing and to see if I needed top up meds after Elnova. There are 6 follicles on my left side but only 2 or 3 on the right and all are between 11mm to 14mm size and my lining was at 11mm. My right ovaries doesn’t seem to be responding much L  I needed the top up meds so dear Dr put me on HuMoG 150 I.U and Foliculin 150 I.U. The nurse gave me the shot when I was at the clinic and I did one myself this morning. It’s not as simple as the pen or the pre-filled syringe. This one has to be mixed, there are 2 vials of powder and mixed with one vial of solution. DH did the mixing this morning and I was nagging him all the way about not doing it right and clearly the guy was nervous and I feel really bad for making him feel worse. Bad wife! The jab itself was ok… it burns a little but not too bad.

Right now I’m on this stim meds and also Orgalutran to prevent premature ovulations. I have a great big bruise on my tummy the size of 4 fingers. It came from the jab a nurse did at the clinic and not by my hands!! It’s all black and blue, the first time I saw it I tear up a little. Not that it is painful or anything, I just felt sad that I have to make my body go through all this… I didn’t know if we were allowed to jab on the bruised area, so I’ve been giving myself the jabs only on my left side. I asked the nurse about it and she says maybe I should stick to one side till it heals a little. But I’m running out of clear space to poke people!

The Dr is monitoring me every other day. I have another appointment tomorrow. I really hate to get off work for this dr visits but when you must, you must.  Grow follies… grow…. Think healthy mature, great quality eggs!