So it’s been 5 days since I had my Elonva shot and I feel normal. No bloating but I do get headache that comes and goes, but nothing too bad. I have a little tiny bruise at the injection site on my tummy, nothing like the battle scars I had during my first cycle with daily jabs.  I hope it’s doing its job and my body is responding well and making lots of healthy eggs.  I don’t feel like I’m cycling at all really. Maybe after our first scan it’s going to feel more real.

I’ve been researching supplements to take during this IVF cycle. I read that people usually will start at least 3 months prior to their IVF cycle but some of the supplements I’m taking now, I’ve just started them this cycle. I guess it won’t hurt to try since I don’t have the luxury of time. So here’s the list:

• Fish Oil – Omega 3 (this one I’ve been on since forever)
• Folic Acid (since day 1 TTC; so that many years ago)
• Co Q10 (Starting this cycle)
• Multivitamin (Starting this cycle)

I hope the supplements helps with egg quality and we will get better embryos quality this time around. I hope everyone on the IVF/IUI/TTC train this cycle is getting positive results and a take home baby at the end of this journey. Babydust!!!​