Back from Hari Raya break. Selamat Hari Raya my dear readers! I had a lot of fun this festive season.  Getting to spend time and have a visit with the in-laws, grandma, aunts and uncles and spend time away from work is always good fun. I might have eaten way too much though… sigh…

AF has decided to come early – a couple of days before we went for the break. My cycle is usually 32 days but this time it’s 26. Maybe it’s because AF arrived a little late last cycle since I didn’t want to stop Duphaston when I should because I didn’t want to get AF until after the first day of Ramadhan. I guess my body still follows my natural cycle which is fine with me. So we had a visit with dear Dr for our CD2 appointment on our travel day.  Everything looks fine and I was to continue taking Progynova 2mg once a day for the next 3 days and come see the Dr when I get back from the holidays.

That takes us to yesterday. We went to see the Dr to see if everything was going along… there was a tiny residual cyst but the Dr wasn’t concern about it. I was sent to get a blood test to make sure the cyst wasn’t producing Estrogen and it wasn’t so we are good to go. This IVF cycle like the last time, we are doing the short cycle. I’m on a different stim meds though; they put me on Elonva 150mcg. With Elonva instead of the daily injections I get one shot of Elonva which will last me a week. It is much easier since I will not need to administer the shots every day. I’m hoping my body responds well to the new meds. So far no side effects…  I wouldn’t know the outcome till my next appointment on Saturday. I’ve been trying to get information on this meds online but there is not much personal experience with the meds that I could find so there is not much reference on what to expect. I will write more about it once I’m further along in this process.

So I guess things are moving quickly this cycle. Wish us luck!​