We went to see the Dr for our Post FET consultation. The Dr told us he was surprise that the embryo didn’t take considering it was a good quality embryo and that my lining was good. But then again it is never straight forward … Perfect embryos + perfect lining doesn’t always equal pregnancy. So I told him I wanted to discuss our way forward; how do we proceed or do we proceed at all. The Dr told me that he has no doubt that we should go on trying. But he also told me that if this journey has been difficult on our marriage and our emotions then may be hubby and I should work onthat before deciding to move forward with our next round.  Hubby and I know we want to keep on trying and soon. I’m not getting any younger and the fact that the time taken between our first IVF and our FET took a whole year makes it feel like we’ve wasted a lot of time already.

I asked the Dr about my previous cycle were I managed to get  only 9 eggs which turned into 8 embryos but from that 8 only 4 managed to get to 6 to 8 cells at day 3; which to me is really sucky.  He advised me to get on Coenzyme Q10 and one multivitamin. He says there’s no proof that it helps with egg quality but it won’t hurt to try. Since we are starting our next cycle right away I don’t know how much a difference the supplements will be able to make in such a short time but I’ll try anything.

I was on CD24 during the appointment so Dr did a scan that shows that I’ve ovulated and he starts me on Progynova 2mg once a day for 5 days, then increased to twice a day until I get my AF and see him on my CD2 which I’m hoping will be sometime next week.

So it looks like we are moving on straight to our next IVF cycle. I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go through the daily injections; the egg retrieval… those two things about IVF scares me. I’ll power through inn sha Allah.