Today is 6 days post 3 days embryo transfer. I’m back at work today after 6 days of lounging about at home. I took 4 days off work and then the weekend. It’s nice to go back to work and get myself busy again. I’m almost at the second half of mytww, can’t believe 6 days has passed. The first few days really dragged on and I’ve been praying that the days will just fly by, but now that we are closer to the second half I’m scared out of my mind!

Symptoms? I don’t think I have any. I am a little bloated but that’s the same every other cycle on meds. The strange thing is, my (.)(.) doesn’t hurt. The girls where tender around this time in my fresh cycle and also on all other cycles when I was on any type of follicle stimulation meds like clomid ortamoxifen and progesterone pills. I told my hubby about it and he went on and on about how this time around it’s a natural cycle so it’s different from our IVF cycle when I’m all pumped with meds. Well…. I was on meds this cycle too to help ovulation along. I even had a trigger shot and the progesterone pills I’m taking should be giving me some symptom right? I didn’t correct him though; got to love him for trying. I do have a persistence headache though and the tip of my fingers and toes are super cold. I don’t know what that’s about. May be it’s just nerves.

I was thinking about taking the test early. I’ve read that some people start testing 7dpd3t and that’s tomorrow. Should I? I did test for my fresh cycle and got a BFN at 7dpd3t and only got a BFP after my positive beta.  May be this time I should spare myself the pain and just wait till Sunday. I don’t know… I change my mind all the time, so who knows. I do have an extra hpt stashed somewhere. I’ll confess here if I breakdown and test 😀 I have moments when I wish that thistww will fly by and take us to testing day already but at a flip of a hat I want time to stand still so I can savor this moments imagining my two beautiful embryos snuggled inside me.

Sending everyone reading this loads of baby dust and hoping and praying that we’ll all get out take home baby soon.