It’s done. I’m PUPO. My two embryos survived the thaw and the embryologist told me that both were exactly the same when they froze them. One is 8 cells and the other was 6 cells. I was worried about getting my bladder full for the procedure. I didn’t want to be exploding during the transfer and didn’t want to have any embarrassing mishaps… I even did a trial run the day before to figure out how much water I needed to drink in an hour to get my bladder just right. I even timed myself LOL. So on the day, what I did was before I left the house, I emptied my bladder; this was an hour before the appointment. Then I start drinking 500ml of water on the way there. By the time for the embryo transfer my bladder should be full enough but not bursting; but what I didn’t anticipate was we arrived at the clinic early and they had me go for a scan to check my bladder right away. The bladder wasn’t full just yet so they asked me to drink a little more and wait 5 minute. In the end I think I drank a whole 600ml bottle of mineral water. I think that did the trick for me as I was comfortable during the transfer and after when I had to wait on the table for another 15 minutes before I could relief myself. The transfer went well; I thought it took longer than when we did the fresh transfer though. I guess the Dr wanted to find that perfect spot for our little ones to snuggle in.

After the transfer and the 15 minutes on the table I was sent to a little room to rest on a super comfy recliner. I was a little sleepy since I tossed and turned the night before due to anticipation and nerves. I took a nap had a little nap for almost an hour before going back to clinic to pick up my meds; I’m on Duphaston twice a day.  I’m taking 4 days of work until the weekend to just relax. The first day I was on bed rest so hubby had to attend to me all day 🙂 , but the next day I went about my lazy day at home. Dear hubby is taking good care of me; though he can’t take much time off work, he makes sure he picks up breakfast and lunch for me so that I won’t have to cook or do dishes…got to love that guy!

I’m praying and hoping for the best. I hope our two super embryos decide to snuggle in and continue to grow. With FET, my clinic does not have a beta day but instead gives me a date to get the HPT done on my own 12 days post transfer and to call them with the outcome. Wish us luck!