So last night I had my trigger shot (ovidrel). When the good nurse at the clinic asked if I know how to administer the injections, I was oh so confident. I should be a pro at giving myself the needle; been there, done that right? At 9pm I got all the stuff I needed laid out on the bed, and then planned on where to take the shot. I made sure no air bubbles were in the syringe, wipe the area with the alcohol swab, ready, aim …. then…. the needle would not go in! It stings quite a bit and when I withdrew, there was a little blood. I had to change location… Serves me right being too cocky!! I’m ok though…I had a good laugh at myself.

I guess this is the last step for me to do before the transfer. The rest is the hands of the doctor and embryologist at the clinic; and of course all of this, since day one has always been in gods hand, so I have faith that Allah has the best planned for me. Whatever it is, I will accept with a clear conscience that I’ve done my part, Wallahualam.

It’s Friday! Have a great weekend people…. sending armloads of babydust your way.