Yep, we finally have a date for our FET; it’ll be on Tuesday 25 June. I went to see the dr today since I did not have a LH surge all 3 days I’ve been testing, still no positive. So today I had another scan, the follicle is still there measuring 21mm and my lining is at 10mm. I’ve have been given ovidrel injection do tonight at 9pm and with ovidrel I should have my ovulation sometime Saturday and since our embryos are day 3 we’ll get the transfer done 3 day after O. I am to come in on Tuesday with full bladder, no makeup and no fragrance of any kind on my body, same goes with hubby minus the full bladder for him though… lucky guy!

I’m praying that both my embryos are doing well and will thaw well, inn sha Allah. I guess this is getting real. Praying for the best! Please send good thoughts and baby dust my way, I’d really appreciate it 🙂

Sending lots of love and baby dust your way.