I was supposed to start Tamoxifen on CD 4 but I forgot…yikes!!! Since I’m supposed to take 1 pill twice a day so I took the evening dose. I hope that’s ok. I’m soooooooo forgetful these days. The brain is just so full to take in new information? I don’t know… May be it’s just me not paying attention.

I had a doctor’s appointment today for my CD12 scan; well it’s actually CD13 today. As always, the trips to the doctors are somewhat unsettling; butterflies in the tummy and all that. The appointment went well, we had a scan to check the follicle and there was one measuring 18mm and the doctor said my lining was looking good as well measuring at 8.5mm and had the triple line they wanted to see. The dr was happy with the scan, so starting today we are going to wait for ovulation, I went home with some ovulation tests to do at home. I am to call the dr’s office once I get a positive but if I don’t by Thursday then I’ll need to go back to the dr’s office and they’ll give me an injection to make me ovulate. That would be plan B. I’m hoping my body does it on its own inshaa Allah.

I also had a chat with the dr about the blood pressure meds that I’m currently on. It’s a category C meaning there is no human testing data. Dear dr told me to continue with the meds until I get pregnant then we’ll need to switch to a safer alternative.

I’m taking it one day at a time…  I will keep the blog updated every step of the way.

Hope everyone’s journey is smooth sailing…