Nothing is set in stone but we are targeting to have our FET transfer on the last week of June, In sha Allah. At least we have a target right? I had a scan today; officially my CD 2 after the 7 days of Gynera, AF came again (withdrawal bleed) and everything looks in order.  No cysts J yeay! The plan is for me to start Tamoxifen on Saturday which will be CD 4 for 5 days and will go have a follicle scan on day 12. We’ll go on from there. Little baby steps…. I’m scared to think too far ahead!

I miss blog walking. I haven’t had the time to visit the other TTC blogs. I’m a silent reader most of the time; but even without interaction I feel a sort of bond. Sometimes when I read a blog, it feels like I’m reading my life story, just not in my own words. It makes this journey less lonely because there are so many people out there like me going through the same thing; but at the same time I wish there wasn’t because this pain… I don’t want anyone to have to go through. Their spirit becomes my inspiration, the joy and the tears are mine as well… If you own a blog and wouldn’t mind sharing it here with me, please leave a link in the comments. I would love to drop by.

Wishing everyone reading this a lot of sunshine and happy thoughts…. And most of all, buckets full of baby dust.