Not much to write about these days. The follow up appointments with the cardiologist was good. We did an echocardiogram which is basically an ultrasound of the heart. I get to see dear Hubby’s heart… his heart beating and his valve flapping away… I thought it was super cool!  Both of our hearts are healthy, no thickening of any walls which is good, Alhamdulillah. We are monitoring our BP at home but as the days go by, we got somewhat lazy and it’s a couple days in between readings <shame>

I made an appointment to see our fertility dr last week. I’ve missed 2 cycles and I wanted to get on something to get AF back on track. We had a discussion with the dr. and I reminded him that in these pass 7 months I’ve only had 2 regular cycles and even during those cycles we did not detect ovulation. So the dr told us that he wants to “take charge” of my cycle and we will go with the medicated route for our FET. Then we had the ultrasound, yep there’s a cyst. Though small it’s there. When the dr took the ultrasound wand out, there was blood everywhere. AF decided to show up there and then… AF got scared of the dr and decided to show up.Figures! I had a blood test done right after to make sure that the cyst is not producing any hormones. The nurse called me up a few hours later to tell me that I am to start 7 days of Gynera and come back to see the dr on CD12. It looks like things are moving along. Dare I say; this might be the cycle we proceed with our FET? I’m excited!  Wish me luck!