Hubby and I went to see a specialist to get our “yearly” medical checkup earlier this week. I use “Yearly” very loosely here since it should be done yearly but my last one was in 2009! Shame on me! This time we wanted to do the full workup, I was concern about my blood pressure, lately it has gotten erratic. I also wanted to see how my ticker was doing. The age is catching up so we have to be extra cautious.

Here are some of the tests that we did

1.Blood and urine test among other thing checks for
– Diabetes
– Cholesterol level
– Urinary tract infection
– Kidney function
– Liver
– Calcium level
– Thyroid Screen
– Cancer markers
2.Blood pressure
4.Stress test
5.Pap smear
6.Breast ultrasound
7.Chest X-Ray
8.Lung Function


They almost didn’t let me continue with the stress test as my blood pressure was very high… all the nerves doesn’t help… but we proceeded anyway but all the time I was looking at the monitor afraid that my BP will get too high and my head will blow up! Thankfully I did alright. After the ECG and the stress test we went to see the cardiologist. He went throughour result and told me there is no blockage in my heart based on the readings and from my blood test; my cholesterol level is also fine. My big problem is my blood pressure, he prescribed me some medication and I will need to see him again in 2 weeks. Hubby’s problem was also with his blood pressure, but his reading was much better than mine.

Today is my forth day on the new blood pressure medications and my BP is under control (I’m checking twice a day at home) and I’m not experiencing any side effect (touch wood). I had a long talk with the cardiologist about how the meds will affect the baby if and when I get pregnant and he told me that pregnancy can affect the blood pressure for the worse so we will need to monitor me and be more aggressive with my blood pressure management so we will be on top of things and not be caught off guard. I’m fine with that.

I’m glad we have that out of the way. I feel better now that I know I have the proper monitoring needed for my problem areas. I was concerned about breast cancer since I’ve been on fertility treatment for quite some time now and all the hormones that I’ve been taking. I do self-breast examinations regularly but I’m always second guessing myself if I’m doing it correctly. The breast ultrasound put me at ease somewhat. I think now that we are at that age, we will have to make sure that we will get tested every year!

It’s Friday again and the weekend is coming…such a short week this week 🙂

Happy election weekend to fellow Malaysians!