Nothing much to write about these days. Our quest to start FET has not been smooth. That’s an understatement! I had a doctor’s appointment last Saturday; my AF was not showing up and I was almost a week late; I did have some spotting but nothing that can be considered a flow. The first thought that came to my mind was the dreaded cyst is back! During our scan the Dr told me that I haven’t gotten my period yet because I have not even ovulated yet this cycle… What???? He could see a follicle there. I wonder if it was a cyst though? Oh how my cycle has gone berserk!!! But then again, what else is new? So it’s a waiting game again. I’ll wait to have my period in 2 ½ weeks. If it has still not arrived, then I’ll make an appointment to get another scan. Yea… more waiting… Funny thing during the appointment, the Dr told me, “look (showing me on the screen) you still have many eggs. You are not going into menopause just yet”. I’m like “What??? I wasn’t even thinking of that”, now he’s got me concerned! Yea, more things to worry about! As of today still nothing. I keep feeling like AF is coming and rush to check but nothing. All this waiting is getting me anxious. I know all these anxiety will only wrack my hormones… breathe N, breathe…

My hubby and I have a full physical scheduled for Tuesday. Will blog on that once we get through it. I hope everything else health wise with us is in good shape.

Have a wonderful weekend!