stared at a HPT under all light sources and try to convince yourself that you can see some sort of faint line when there is none? I have; and I’m not proud to say I have done it A LOT!  It’s one of those quirks you start to acquire while TTC. That and symptoms spotting at the end of each cycle. The bo*bs seems to always be sore; maybe it’s because it has been poked so many times to check if it’s sore LOL. It’s the in the closet thing that I don’t share with anyone; not even DH. I’m afraid they’ll think I’m nuts. I hope it’s not just me.  If it is, then thank god that this blog is anonymous LOL.

I hope my cycle is back to normal this cycle or if it’s not; let it be because AF is staying away for the whole 9 months and I have a little bean inside me as I’m typing this. A girl can hope right? I did a hpt on CD25 (it was DH birthday), a little early but wouldn’t it be great if it was positive? But it was a BFN as expected. No tears shed, only a mild disappointment. Like all the cycles since we’ve started TTC, I wish this is THE cycle…and I’m obsessing again. Little twinges, cramps, no crams, CM, no CM… and the list goes on. Mr Google has been good in keeping my obsession alive… dang you MrGoogle!!@#!!

Won’t be too long before the Dr appointments starts again… till then