I haven’t been well these last few days from food poisoning. I don’t know what I ate that’s different from hubby, but he’s ok and me, not so good. The bright side of this is I lost 1.5 kg… I know, I know it’s all water weight but any movement on the scale gets me excited! I can’t seem to keep anything down so I’m resorting to crackers. Water taste funny as well and I can’t drink my usual 2 liters per day. I’m feeling a little better todaythough. Alhamdulillah.

I met up with a friend yesterday; well actually she’s my insurance agent turn friend. I haven’t seen her for a while, well with our busy schedule, we usually communicate via telephone and emails anyway. I was surprised to see her; she looked really thin though upbeat and friendly as ever. After our hello hugs she told me the reason she has been quiet these pass year was because she had cancer. She found a lump in her neck and got it checked out and the biopsy confirms that it was cancerous. She told me about going through radiation and chemo and how she lost her hair and 12kg of her already tiny figure. She told me there was times when she thought that shewouldn’t make it. She is still recovering gaining back her energy. She’s cancer free right now but will have to get a scan done every 3 months. She’s a strong lady

After hearing for yourself stories like this told by the person who went through it, it made me appreciate life more and I am thankfully of the fact that I am alive and healthy. I should live my life to the fullest and cherish what I have. You don’t know when the rug will be pull from under you. So I hugged my husband tight when I got home last night and made sure I was extra nice to him (I’ve been bitc*y these last few days being sick and taking it all on him). I’ve been a grouch, feeling sorry for myself when in actual fact; I have so much more than I need.

So today let’s make it a point to smile and thank be thankful for our blessings and start taking care of our health.